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Applications that improve business efficiencies and build competitive advantages. From custom portals and integrated mobile apps to legacy system integration and modernisation, we develop software to streamline your unique process workflows.
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KuikaSoft builds apps specific to your needs and requests so that you can grow your business with the power of digital transformation. Solve your problems and meet your needs without compromising any details. Leave pain points behind for a flexible and powerful workflow.

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Types of business apps

We create software solutions that will support you to get competitive advantages and boost efficiency.

Custom CRM Systems
Management Dashboards
Integration Software and APIs
Corporate Portals
Workflow Automation Apps
Why do you need a partner for business app development ?

As an experienced and masterful app development agency, KuikaSoft helps you catch up with the latest tech for your business. We build targeted apps to solve real problems within your workflow. We maintain, update and upgrade your apps according to your need while you focus on your own business.

Specific to your business

Each company is unique. We develop projects specific to you to adapt to your business seamlessly and not leave any need behind. We build web apps that run perfectly on all web browsers and mobile apps that are easy to use.

Free from licensing

We develop and launch your business apps, whose Intellectual Property (IP) rights are fully yours. It means we will not ask for additional license fees or other costs to deliver your app.

Adapts to your business

Your business will evolve. So will your apps. In time, your needs may change or the latest tech may provide more opportunities. We are here to upgrade your custom app according to your growing needs.

Step-by-step business
app development

Our experienced team is here to guide you through the business app development process. Complex or simple, we are here to help you step by step.

Discovery Phase

A detailed analysis will illuminate our path to a perfect app for your business.


We plan each step until launching your app in advance and be totally transparent.

Design & Architecture

We present the latest design and architecture to agree on before the development.


Consign your business app to our engineering team for the best practices with the latest tech.

How-to Guides

We support your adaptation to new apps with user guides and one-on-one consultations.


Keeping your apps effective and seamless is also our responsibility after launching them.

What is the cost of a custom business application?
Let us know about the features and requirements for us to provide you with a precise cost.
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The digital transformation covers all industries while each industry requires unique practices. We build mobile and web applications for various industries.

Finance & Fintech
Success stories
Sut Uzmani
Pinar Sut is the largest dairy products producer in Turkey. It aims to increase milk quality by giving information about education, news and activities to dairy farmers.

Web, iOS and Android Apps

2-3 months

2 members

Food industry

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What our clients say
Marraccini Riccardo
CEO, MovoO

Choosing to develop a project remotely it’s not an easy choice, but choosing KuikaSoft as been the best that could ever happen to our project. With the KuikaGO platform they have the capacity to react quickly and present advancement in real time. The KuikaSoft team is also part of the success, They know how to work remotely and as solid team with all the capacity needed.

Albert Gabay
CEO, Izzymobility

We, at Izzymobility, are moving fast in the highly competitive market of the mobility industry. With the KuikaSoft platform we are now building our digital one-stop shop at the speed of light. Great code for great customer experience is what you gain when using KuikaSoft.

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