Outsourcing software development for your Startups
We have developed apps that solve real problems of startups as an outsourcing partner since 2021.

Our support starts from understanding your needs and covers maintenance after deployment.

KuikaSoft, as a startup, knows what you need and how you work innately. That's how we become a solution partner for startups and manage all their software development processes seamlessly.

We support your team in choosing the best technologies and building apps and systems that fit your cases rather than following a one-fits-all approach. We understand your unique challenges, needs, and requirements and solve your problems to ease your path for your journey.

Software development services for startups

It all starts with an idea. KuikaSoft fosters your ideas and transforms them into effective and budget-friendly workflows to develop software.

Mobile App Development

We design slick mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms focusing on security, scalability, and usability to provide diversity for large audiences.

Web App Development

We create web applications that provide outstanding functions and user engagement through a browser to boost your digital transformation.

MVP Development

Implementing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) reduces the waiting period and helps our developers collect real user data to develop it.

Team Augmentation

We carefully gather our dedicated and talented development team to unite skillful and knowledgeable people under KuikaSoft.

White Label Software

We develop scalable, feature-rich, flexible, and customizable white label software that helps you start growing your business immediately.

Project Rescue

We handle your existing software that needs improvements or ongoing orphaned projects to give them life and feed your work plans without damage.

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Software development for startups

We have supported many startups to help them achieve their goals with the power of technology. Here is how:


Your unique challenges, goals, and requirements deserve attention, and the key to creating ideal software is understanding you better. We start our journey together with a discovery phase.


Giving a shape to ideas makes things more straightforward. Our developers and designers keep working on your project by designing a technical architecture to provide you with a solid work plan.

MVP Development

MVP makes it all more workable as it accelerates the time-to-market and creates an amazing opportunity to gather feedback from real users to improve the future phases of development.


We can foster and empower your software by improving based on the knowledge obtained from the MVP and solve the problems most effectively before launching the latest version.


Deployment is not the end of our partnership. We also offer you lifelong support to make sure that your apps or systems work without error. Or, you may need upgrades. We are here to handle them all.

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Success stories
It is a digital platform that enables your documents to be shared with the parties whose signature or approval is requested on a single platform, to be legally signed or approved and stored.

iOS and Android

2 months

2 members


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Why choose us?

Start using your apps while they're still in demand. Grow your business with the expertise and experience of KuikaSoft’s skillful developer team.

On-Time and Efficient

Agility and functionality come with quick and efficient solutions.

Discovery phase

A detailed analysis will illuminate our path to a perfect app for you.

MVP development

MVP reduces the waiting period and collects real user data to develop it.

Custom development

We uniquely build apps to fit your needs after discussing your case.

24/7 Support

We are here to make sure that your software is running seamlessly.

IP protection

You will be the official owner of the app built by KuikaSoft for you.

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How to cooperate effectively?

We offer three options you can choose from to make our cooperation more efficient.

Fixed Price

Some projects are not open to debate and all details are clear from the beginning. This option works well for them. We agree on the price and the product you'll get in the end. All neat.

Unit Price

This one is when your project is not precisely defined and may change in time as it progresses. You will know the unit prices and have many chances to shape the project during the process. No surprise!

Cost of app development

The costs are determined according to many variables such as the scale of the project, the technical features of the app, and the design.  Therefore, to mention a specific cost, we need to hear what you need. Get in touch to get a quote.

We believe in the strength of flexibility. And we know that each project is unique. That's why we like customizing our cooperation method according to needs. Contact us to talk about how to work together efficiently.

Cost to develop apps

In our decade-long experience as a mobile app development company in the USA, we have delivered many Android, iOS, and cross-platform app development projects that range from $20,000 to $500,000.

Mobile apps come in varying shapes and sizes for different mobile devices. Features, functionality, scalability, usability, performance – all these factors greatly affect the scope of building a mobile app. This makes budgeting for a mobile app development project a tricky exercise. However, with our experience in developing mobile apps, KuikaSoft can provide you with highly accurate estimations for your project cost.

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