Bespoke Web application development
We create web applications with outstanding functions for a higher user engagement.
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.NET Core
Modern web apps with high-end functions

We develop web apps to bring you closer to your business goals. We guarantee an engaging architecture and a robust infrastructure.

On-time and Budget

We ensure to deliver efficient software solutions with affordable costs.

Appealing UI/UX

We contribute with our knowledge of UI/UX for a better experience.

Custom Development

We uniquely build bespoke web applications to fit your needs after discussing your case.

Talented Web Developers

We build your app with a talented and experienced team of web developers.

Agile Development

We make sure that your web application is always running seamlessly.

IP protection

You will be the official owner of the web applications built by KuikaSoft for you.

As one of the top web development companies, KuikaSoft delivers bespoke web-based applications for businesses at every stage of their growth, tailored to their specific needs.


Seize new opportunities with web applications designed according to your product idea. Innovate and be a pioneer.

Established businesses

Set a high bar for your business with faster and more accurate workflows. Expand your share in the market.

Our Achievements

Kuikasoft has been a leading web application development agency with many success stories since 2016.


Years on market


Successful projects


Repeat customers

Our focus is on what really matters

A web application is a lot more than coding. We create apps that will improve your workflows.

Discovery of your vision

We pay attention to understanding your vision and need to adapt to your business model, strengths & challenges, and goals.

MVP Development

Implementing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) reduces the waiting period and helps our developers collect real user data to develop it.

User-Friendly Apps

Usability determines the functionality of a web app, and our team provides you with a user-oriented design to improve efficiency.

Scalable Architecture

The scalability of KuikaSoft apps extends your web app's life with easy amendments to adapt to changes in your organization.

Ease of Maintenance

Good command of programming makes maintenance easy to ensure that your web apps work seamlessly as long as you need.

Application Security

Security is a must, as much as functionality. Our team works with an emphasis on security and data privacy to keep you safe.

Types of  web applications

Our expert team delivers an expansive range of custom-made web application types.

Software As A Service (SaaS)

Our team will develop and launch web apps that you can market to your own audience on a subscription basis. The experience and expertise of KuikaSoft bring you high-end technology and talent in software development.

From data privacy to UX design, we handle everything to deliver ready-to-market software.

Product Engineering

Product engineering and architecture experience that achieves flexible, easy-to-use, and secure software.

Security Design

SaaS offerings can take various forms such as a mobile app, web app, and desktop app.

Release Planning

We deploy and manage your software so there is no need to invest in expensive server hardware or hosting skills.

License Management

The software that you pay us to build is owned by you. There is no licensing fee.

Business Apps

Your digital transformation process may require business apps to improve your workflows. Our team develops apps that are specific to your business needs and goals to automate or simplify your processes.

We create software solutions that will support you to get competitive advantages and boost efficiency.

Custom Business Process

Workflow Automation

Document Management

3rd Party Integrations

Payments Integration

Ticketing System

Role-Based Access

Audit Trails

Custom Functionality

Web Portals

When various departments go digital, you need well-designed web portals to facilitate operations and communication. They improve your business mostly by bringing things together under one platform.

Web portals can help you re-design your internal and external processes covering employee, customer, and vendor communication.

Job Portals

Travel Portals

B2B & B2C Portals

Auction Portals

Corporate Portals

NEWS Portals

E-Commerce Portals

Real Estate Portals

Social Networking

Custom Portals

Success stories
Private transfer and shuttle
Altur offers private vehicle and student shuttle services to its corporate customers. It includes Company/School administrator application, Service provider (Altur) company management application, Driver navigation application and shuttle vehicle and student tracking applications for student parents.

Web, iOS and Android

4 months

3 members


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End-to-end web app development solutions

We created a great number of turn-key projects for our clients from various industries. Our end-to-end web applications solved daily and complex problems successfully, bringing our team even higher motivation to focus on our job.

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How do we work?
As an experienced software development agency, we handle your projects starting with the need analysis to launch and maintenance.

Our partnership starts with the first contact. We pay attention to your needs to understand and analyze your case in detail. When our ideas become more solid, we present them to you clearly and get to an agreement.

There we go! Later on, software development and testing steps are our focus to deliver the best app ever.

What our clients say
Marraccini Riccardo
CEO, MovoO

Choosing to develop a project remotely it’s not an easy choice, but choosing KuikaSoft as been the best that could ever happen to our project. With the KuikaGO platform they have the capacity to react quickly and present advancement in real time. The KuikaSoft team is also part of the success, They know how to work remotely and as solid team with all the capacity needed.

Albert Gabay
CEO, Izzymobility

We, at Izzymobility, are moving fast in the highly competitive market of the mobility industry. With the KuikaSoft platform we are now building our digital one-stop shop at the speed of light. Great code for great customer experience is what you gain when using KuikaSoft.

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